Surface Protection for industrial applications

Unicoatings™ delivers unique industrial coatings and solutions that protect assets and commercial interests.

We specialise in the research, development and manufacture of sustainable industrial coating products and treatments. These are used daily, worldwide in endless applications, such as rail infrastructure, buildings, marine and special projects, across multiple market sectors.

Our customers rely on Unicoatings products and solutions to protect their assets. They recognise that this can maintain the integrity of their treated product, extend its life and reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. At times, it can even enhance their product’s functionality.

Our approach

In the coatings industry, where every application can be slightly different, flexibility is key. We understand the challenges our customers face and, with our in-depth technical knowledge and application expertise, we tailor our service to each customer’s individual requirement.

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UC2K Protective coating

Unicoatings UC2K, our flagship product, is a unique coating that protects customers' assets to unprecedented levels from the elements and malicious damage.

UC2K can be applied to almost all surfaces, including concrete, stone, brickwork, glass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel and copper, as well as to many lacquer systems.

Typical applications for UC2K in the Buildings sector include offices, commercial premises, industrial units, museums, heritage sites and monuments. In the Rail sector, they include the inside and outside of locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons, undergrounds and trams. Marine applications include the inside and outside of ships, boats and other marine assets.

Customers appreciate that UC2K protects their assets by delivering an easy to clean protective shield that repels unwanted contaminants and prevents damage to the protected surface for many years

UC2K Benefits


Long lasting durable clear coating with high protection against salt spray, corrosion, solvents, chemicals, tar, acids, alkalines and UV sunlight. High temperature protection (up to 350°C) on electrical trains subjected to molten fragments falling from overhead wires

Easy To Clean

High self-cleaning ability and 100% eco-friendly saves on daily and scheduled cleaning and maintenance, labour, time and cleaning products. Even smoke from diesel electric locomotives is easy to clean off.


No strong chemicals or solvents are required, thereby protecting the environment as well as your assets.

Color protection

Colours can be protected on new buildings, locomotives, carriages, wagon, ships and boats from the start and faded colours can be restored and preserved from deterioration or fading for many years.


Permanent protection against graffiti, which is easily and quickly removed without using aggressive cleaning methods.


The transparent and colourless coating forms an anti-fingerprint layer that protects your surfaces from corrosion, scratches and dirt.

Unique formula

UC2K is a two-component advanced technology clear coating that provides exceptional gloss retention and weather resistance for many years.

Surfaces sealed with UC2K are easily cleaned, without requiring special cleaners, and are more resistant to new soiling. After treatment, dull and tired paintwork, chalky glass-fibre (GGFK) surfaces and cloudy anodised aluminium gleam like new. Galvanised surfaces, such as aluminium, brass, copper and chrome, are protected long-term against corrosion. In addition, surfaces already coated with other products can be refreshed, sealed and protected on a long-term basis.

  • Excellent gloss and long-life properties
  • Easily applied to all surfaces by normal painting processes
  • No special preparation of the base material is required
  • Economical due to high coverage rates
  • High productivity due to extremely thin coating layer

Easy application

Available in 1-, 5- and 25- litre containers, UC2K is easily applied via rolling, brush painting, spraying or immersion. To achieve the best results, we recommend application by HVLP spray.

Due to UC2K's extremely thin minimum coating thickness (5-20μm), a coating capacity of approximately 30-40m2 can be achieved per 1Kg when applied to non-absorbent surfaces. For application on concrete or plastered surfaces, a lower gloss version will cover approximately 20-30m2.


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Tests / Certifications

The following tests and certifications are available on the UC2K protective coating.

Safe drinking water

Testing of Products for use in contact with drinking water
Download file

ISO 9227, 11507 & 2813

COT - neutral salt spray testing (ISO 9227)
COT - QUV (ISO 11507) and specular gloss (ISO 2813)
Download file


Barrier properties of a new type of protective coating
Download file

Market sectors


UC2K protects buildings to an unprecedented level from the elements and malicious damage, thus extending their life and reducing maintenance costs.

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UC2K protects locomotives, carriages and wagons to an unprecedented level from the elements and malicious damage, thus extending their life and reducing maintenance costs.

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UC2K is a unique coating that protects ships, boats and marine assets to an unprecedented level from the elements and malicious damage, thus extending their life and reducing maintenance costs.

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Many internal and external tests, issued certifications by external parties, and successfully placed samples show the value of the UC2K protective coating. Worldwide, the coating has been applied successfully in many fields. Below an overview of some of these applications.

Wilhelmina Groot Project, Amsterdam (NL)

Wilhelmina Groot Project, Amsterdam (NL)

In addition to the anti-graffiti, the UC2K protected art façade at the Wilhelmina Groot warehouse in Amsterdam is also protected against corrosion. Maintencance costs for cleaning have been reduced drastically and the façade maintains its original appearance for a very long time.

BeeGees Way, Redcliffe (AUS)

BeeGees Way, Redcliffe (AUS)

In 2013, Bee Gees Way became protected by UC2K. The bronze statues, the wall pictures and the colored walls (in yellow / red / black) are still in new condition despite the extreme UV load of the Australian sun. Moreover, the artworks are protected against graffiti.

Tank Street Project, Brisbane (AUS)

Tank Street Project, Brisbane (AUS)

The copper façade sheets have been protected by applying UC2K directly after placement. This way, patina (green manifestation of copper as a result of oxidation) is prevented and it prevents staining from burn-in of bird droppings. Anti-graffiti.

Parking meter, Bergen op Zoom (NL)

Parking meter, Bergen op Zoom (NL)

After restoration the parking meters have been protected with UC2K as anti-graffiti, but also to cover the stickers and protect these fully. The zone indications, in bright colors (blue, pink, yellow and green) are protected long-term against color deterioration by UV load.

Toowoomba library, Toowoomba (AUS)

Toowoomba library, Toowoomba (AUS)

The exterior of this library is mostly made of copper. Protected by UC2K to prevent patina (green manifestation of copper as a result of oxidation) and prevent staining from burn-in of bird droppings.

Anti-graffiti treatments (different countries)

Anti-graffiti treatments (different countries)

Examples of objects treated with UC2K as permanent anti-graffiti.

Rail Projects (NL)

Rail Projects (NL)

Our UC2K product has been applied on many rail cars. Since the application of the coating graffiti, tar and rust cannot get a grip on the surface.

Examples of objects treated with UC2K as permanent anti-graffiti combined with easy to clean properties.

Fortitude Valley Mall, Brisbane (AUS)

Fortitude Valley Mall, Brisbane (AUS)

Protected with UC2K (coating and bare metal) since 2008, still a beautifully shining art object despite the UV load.

Brisbane (AUS)

Brisbane (AUS)

Stainless steel barbecues are proteced by UC2K to protect the stainless steel nature long-term and preserve the associated gleam. Examples shown of recently protected parts and existing barbecue on the shore placed in 2012.


We currently have distributors in Australia/New Zealand and in the Marine industry sector.
Following the huge success of UC2K in these markets, we are now looking to offer UC2K to customers worldwide with a network of local distributors.

If you feel your company would be a suitable partner then please Contact us.


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